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Duration: 2007-2009
Authentication methodologies for metal artefacts based on material composition and manufacturing techniques

Contract: 044480


  • to assess an innovative, shared and international protocol, for a set of non-invasive authentication techniques and procedures on movable metal artefacts, integrating different approaches, i.e.: experienced historical and morphological evaluation of the artefacts, description of manufacturing techniques and analysis of material composition with state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies, commonly used for the study of modern technological materials and hardly ever used for the study of ancient materials
  • to develop portable instruments, integrating micro-topography performed with portable optical instruments, elemental analysis based on Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and electronic-nose technology for the detection of selective molecular markers, for a simplified and non-invasive set of analyses and diagnostics to be carried out in situ, changing the perspective of authentication procedures for valuable objects, masterpieces, and large museum collections


AUTHENTICO poster     Download the book: Part 1 | Part 2


Duration: 2004-2007
Traditional Water Techniques: Cultural Heritage for a Sustainable Future

Contract: INCO-CT-2004-509110


  • Developing a database of information on traditional key water management practices using archaeological, historical, and environmental information and field work
  • Carrying out an inventory of water catchment techniques still existing and operative in the Mediterranean region
  • Evaluating the monumental character and the cultural significance of the techniques considered and proposing appropriate restoration and conservation strategies
  • Evaluating the sustainability of current water management techniques and proposed activities in terms of the project’s long-term time perspective
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Duration: 2002-2005
The European Virtual Institute for Jewellery Technology

Competitive and Sustainable Growth Programme
Cointract n GTC1-2000-43027

A consortium of 16 partners based in 12 European Countries. Selected SMEs jointly evaluate products and services offered.


Setting up of "The European Virtual Institute for Jewellery Technology". Aim of the VI-JET is to transfer research results and knowledge to the European Jewellery Industry on a commercial basis by:

  • providing advice on and implementing modern methods of management,  marketing, design and production
  • offering unique products and services
  • creating a network of experts to advise and support the sector
  • transferring the latest state of the art technology to the industry
  • stimulating R&D, training and e-learning for the industry
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Duration: 2001-2002
Promotion of regional competitiveness and development of local capabilities of jewellery manufacturers in the Mediterranean Region

Concerted Action
Contract n ICA3-CT2000-30003


  • promoting local and regional competitiveness and developing local capabilities of the stakeholders in the regional jewellery production community
  • designing and developing new products and new marketing initiatives for export to Europe
Communities considered in Malta, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, input from Italy and France.
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Duration: 2000-2002
Comparative analysis of manufacturing technologies in goldsmithing and silversmithing from the VII to the I century B.C. in the Mediterranean Area

Concerted Action - INCOMED
Contract n° ICA3-CT-1999-00005


  • data collection on historic crafts, production processes, aesthetic, social aspects of Mediterranean heritage jewelleries
  • sustainable re-use of identified traditional manufacturing technologies in goldsmithing and silversmithing and application in:
    - Educational activities
    - Training of qualified personnel for Museum restoration activities
    - Restoration of archaeological artefacts
    - Handcrafting SMEs marketing promotion
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Duration: 1998-2000
European Jewellery Technology Network

Thematic Network
Contract n° BET2-0067


  • developing synergies among industries, SMEs, research centres and academic organisations involved in the projects of technological development and transfer, as well as training in the European jewellery sector.
  • facilitating the exchange of information and expertise among participants.
  • simplifying the process of transferring technologies towards end-users and speed up their dissemination as well as capitalizing on the research results through a strongly co-ordinated action.
One of the major achievement was the creation in Italy of the first level University Degree in Jewellery Sciences and Technologies, operative at present.
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